November 21, 2006

Sweet Lord!

I was just "casually" checking my blog's net worth and found that it's now worth US$67, 744. 80.

Sweet Lord! I'm giddy with excitement!


Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats! I wonder what made the value jump up so suddenly (I'm pretty sure it was still at 19K last week). Clearly it should have been at this level eons ago :)
So are you planning to sell now? :)

Black River Eagle said...

Have you been "cooking the books" again 007 by messin' around with the software code??? Let me go check mine out...Wow!! Steady as a rock. I ain't selling, not yet anyways.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is the solution to your employment issue ! Become a professionnal blogger.

I checked mine and the beaver is only worth $8,468.10.

I don't think I'll quit my day job anytime soon.