November 02, 2006

Two Degrees of Separation

If you work in the Humanitarian sector, beware. You can't afford to piss somebody off because that person will come back to hunt you.

Yesterday I was chatting with a nice gentleman who had just finished Peace Corps in Niger. I talked a little bit about my time in the Congo and he says:

Him- "I know someone in Congo"

Me- "Oh really? Well there are a lot of expats there but I may know them"

Him- "Her name is KW"

Me-"No way! That was my favorite person in the Congo. She even lived in my building! I just talked to her by Skype last week!"

Him-"My, that's weird. Well my wife was considering applying to a job in the Congo with X organization"

Me-"NOOO! So funny, that's where I worked!"

At that point the conversation got louder.

Me-"Wait, wait, is your wife a health person"


Me-"Oh my GOD! That was for my position! I wrote the job description! I remember emailing her about it too!"

And this is during my lunch break at the temping job. I'm so glad I didn't do anything mean to her :)


dedicris said...

a) - hijacking, I think you mean hitchiking,- God, now I realize that the label Made in CH.. on my CD Translator does not mean Made in Swiss but in China.
b)- About Bus. A mathematical chap once wrote a book explaining such phoenomena. Why a loaf falls down and lands off on sand mostly with its buttered side, so on. May search Scientific American, I suggest you go to the flics instead.
c) be happy frying McDonald's chips. My granny, the orphan elder sister of seven brother, used to tell me how she had to marry a rich businessman who came to bed with tomato sauce on his moustaches. No McDonald's then.
d) how could you even think I am a Kartoffel? I am Italian, born in Rome, living in the Italian Riviera. We are Soccer-World-Champions, remenber?
f) point d) being forgotten and forgiven, you still my pet, you don't tell the other chicks, uhm?
p.s. (Lately my granfather's business went bust and he committed suicide, may be he married the wrong woman?) S.

Congogirl said...

This has nothing to do with 2 degrees of separation, but I met a guy when I was just there (we have photos in front of the sunset over the river, but did not exchange emails, thank goodness) and I have a feeling that if he found me online, our exchanges would resemble yours with Mr Strudel.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I can tell Strudel no longer likes me. :o( He isn't coming around no more.

Is it that cold in DC?

It's great that you meet other returnees. When I got home after my YPI - the only returnee I ever met was S., whom you know very well.

Hang in there !

dedicris said...

Flipping rocks ! a crocodile in my mail-box. There is something written on its belly! --Do not attempt to post anything from her blog, or else we will (CENSORED) the T. Beaver. Chirp, chirp,chirp. The Big Cricket Of Burundi.--

dedicris said...

And as for you, Ms. Congo Bongo, You had better to drop this attitude of spying the private correspondence of a gentleman and a young lady. Can't you hear the cries of ghosts in the Congo River? It's the female souls of the gossippers who wash the hyppos 24 hrs, while the devils circling them throw mud. Strudel

dedicris said...

Okay , okay, drop that sobbing in front of the wall T. Beaver, I am working on it, see ... ? and the Big Cricket, you say ? it's busy reading Playcrickets - strudel

Anonymous said...

thanks gio my man. I'm sorry I lost faith in you.