December 14, 2006

The $10 Christmas

They said it couldn't be done! They said it would be impossible to curb those impulse buys and consumerisms tendencies! They were wrong!!

This year, my family and I have decided to give each other small presents. The rule: all gifts have to be under ten dollars. And believe me, it's really hard to find a gift under $10 nowadays.

Don't tell anyone, but this is what I'm thinking about getting everyone.

Brother has a very serious job in a Consulting firm. He has to have a neat appearance in a sombre suit to compensate for the fact that he doesn't know what he is doing there. For him, I am getting a comb, so he can comb his hair to the side and suck up to the clients.

Sister is rather althetic. She rides horses, swing dances in local competitions and is generally fitter than I am. And has no qualms in reminding me of this fact. For her, I am getting her a time-honored tennis ball. It's rubber and it's electric yellow, which means that her chances of breaking or loosing this are slim to none. Perfect!

Dad is starting to contemplate his retirement with optimism and a tear in his eye. Everyday, I hear, "only 3 years, 2 months, and 232 days until retirement". But I worry that he will be bored when in retirement. I am getting him a ball point pen so he can write that award-winning novel in his golden years.

Let's face it. Even if mom says she "hates" nay "ABHORS" cooking, I think she secretly enjoys it. I mean, she cooked for us everyday of our lives when we were living at home, right? Therefore, I am getting her a special, stainless steel Ladle.

The boyfriend? Well I complain of the dust and the disorder in his apartment often enough that he will enjoy this feather duster for sure!

I can't wait for Christmas day, when I will see that sparkle in their eyes when they open their presents.


Anonymous said...

Gee wiz!! Now I can't wait either!

Anonymous said...

PS: Of all adjectives usded to describe me, I think that's the first time I've ever heard athletic. Um... thanks?

dedicris said...

KAAAATTTEEEEEEEEE !!! Kroodelia transformed me into a cricket. Have you gotten three pair of second-hand mini boots for me? You don't want a Christian cricket go barefoot at Xmas. Strudel

007 in Africa said...

You are athletic. More so than me anyways.

Dedicris, I will try the dollar store for the boots :)

Anonymous said...

ROTFL, I like how you announce all this when you know full well that your family reads your blog :)

Kingston Girl said...

My friends and I do that every year - presents under Ja $500 (which is about US $8). It's always really fun looking for something and we then go out for dinner together and give each other our time as a gift as well