January 25, 2007

Diamonds are Forever

I just opened my email this morning to find this quote in the Global Development Briefinf Newsletter:

"It's either some colossal cluelessness or remarkable indifference to that reality that would somehow try to equate raising one's hand with a diamond on it as a promotional counter-measure to the effect of the film."

-- Edward Zwick, director of Hollywood film Blood Diamond, attacking a campaign to get film stars to display gems at awards events. The US diamond industry is donating USD 10,000 to African charities for each star raising a hand with a ring at events including the Oscars. Zwick, whose Africa-set film highlights the issue of illegal diamond profits funding wars, called the move a "charitable bribe" and "distasteful." The World Diamond Council (WDC) said so-called "blood diamonds" made up less than 1 percent of new diamonds, compared with 4 percent in the late 1990s. Conflict diamonds have been linked to armed struggles in Sierra Leone, Liberia, the DRC (Congo) and the Central African Republic.


Anonymous said...

If only women weren't so obsessed with diamonds! What's wrong with shiny plastic? :)

strudel said...

Who was the first woman who traded her ...ehm.. for a diamond? But not all women same. Cornelia, from a patritia family in Roma, the mother of later famous Cornelius and Gaius Gracchus,- asked why she wasn't wearing any jewel at all, showing her two sons proudly replied 'Haec ornamenta sunt mea', These are my jewels. I can hardly see a movie star doing same at an award event. (Uhmm, did I make any mispelling? seems okay, cross fingers and submit). Da Strudel

Beaver said...

So very true. Although after seeing the film, I felt a tinge of annoyment since most of it is about the evil white man who turns good who saves the poor african man.

Coincidentally, I did meet a swiss "diamond trader" in SL who said he was always scared shitless of finding a big diamond. Coincidentally, he had links to the Executive Outcomes and had a SL bodyguard with him at all times.

It's a crazy world, I tell you.

Carl said...

all of this is a good reason to give your fiance or wife a Harley or tool kit or a gun instead of diamond ring. i suppose you could give her something else too just so long as it ain't a diamond.