January 12, 2007

I'm so sick

I am getting just so sick of my blog's template. Would anybody have a good idea of a template or simple changes that can be made to 007 in Africa?

In particular, I would love to switch my sidebar from the right to the left, and have the picture of the Red Glass on the bottom posted as this blog's title...

Thanks for the ideas!

Post Note: Thanks to all who emailed me suggestions on where to go for templates. Very useful. I ended up creating (yet another) a new blogger account and using its beta features. The google people are pretty impressive geniuses.


Anonymous said...

Why mess with perfection? :)

Victoria said...

Doesn't Beaver have links on how to changle the template of your blog?

Black River Eagle said...

Try out the following sites Dorothee (007 in Africa):

Blogger Templates

ProBlogger blog post May 31, 2006:
Free Blogger Templates


The How-To's and tutorials are pretty easy to follow. Hope all is going well back in D.C. Hang in there and keep the faith.

dedicris-strudel said...

Oh, sweet EX-007-In-Africa. Honey of the BeeQueen. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? And your posts? A deliciuos mix of E. Emingway and Mark Twain. And your photo gallery? Worth of the best Max Capa. Sharon Stone looks fat and bad-dressed compared to the pic of your profile. Strudel

(You know, there is a pandemia of touchyness in the ladies' blogosphere and I have to be careful in my comments).

Victoria said...

Woah, this sure is different! It's good...
...but... (you knew it was coming, no compliment comes without criticism in our family!)
I don't really like the way 007 in africa is cut off ...
there shouldn't be a semi-colon after Congo-- that first half of the sentence isn't an independent clause.
Yes, I'm a grammar nazi. I'm sorry.

Magali said...

Nice change! I just saw I could subscribe to your posts - how exciting!