February 07, 2007

God Services

I was assisting an employee in filling out recruitment papers for staff on the field.

She went through a long list of people to hire:
-A Secretary in Benin,
-Business Development Officer and Driver in Mali,
-God Services in Senegal,
-Program Officer in Niger.

I dutifully write this down and do a double-take at the “God Services”. Rather idiotically, I reply “God Services? Is that even possible?”. Instinctively, I wonder how much we’ve budgeted for that.

She doesn’t flinch and repeats “Guards services, we need guard services”.



Anonymous said...

ROTFL :) That's hilarious! It's too bad, because we really do need God services :)

strudel said...

Do not cry -My God- when you meet a crocodile while swimming in the river. Ring your f.. guards. GOD'S HEADQUARTERS.

RL said...


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Beaver said...

THAT is what happens when you spend too much time in Africa. Everything becomes a possibility.

I appreciate the irony, though ! ;O)