February 23, 2007

Washington DC is kicking my ass

I am getting increasingly depressed about my joblessness. OK so I work part-time in a good firm that has offered me a job. But filling-out recruitment paperwork and ordering supplies from Staples really isn’t what I want to do.

This last week I have had a few interviews but people are ehming and ahing about offering me anything concrete. I don’t understand it. I mean, I:

-have shown to be very competent at work
-have work references that only say good things about me
-interview well, am polite but driven when talking to recruiters
-have pretty good hygiene (I wear deodorant, wash my hair, clip my nails and wear tasteful make-up)
-have 3 years work experience, including 2 years abroad
-am bilingual French/English
-graduated with good marks from Hopkins University
-am actively networking to make job connections.

Could it be that I am making people jealous? Is it pure bad luck? Do I have a piece of spinach stuck between my front teeth?

I just don’t know. But Washington DC is kicking my ass. Big time.


Anonymous said...

Don't be discouraged!!!!! Just because they haven't offered you the job yet doesn't mean they aren't going to!
We know you're the ideal candidate, you know it, the problem is that they don't know it yet. But they'll realize it soon enough!!!
Even though you have excellent recommendations and interview skills, they still hardly know you, so it's normal they don't want to be hasty. You shouldn't take it personally!

strudel said...

strudel ha detto...
Listen Chick, you drop fishing for simpathy and making us feel guity. There are trillions of dolls looking for a better interesting job. Women were made to stay home, the world is not prepared to give them a room in front of the sea, a California-cherry desk, six telephones.
Anyway you need a change, a holiday. Should you choose Italy, here my comprehensive guide.

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3) Protestant Church -Piazza Cavour - From time to time they throw a show inside the church. Yep, years ago I saw the ballet 'Slaves in Cuba', yummy
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3) The mean streets of Old Jew Ghetto.

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-Where does the real rich people live? where the big politicians ?.... they
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Prefer something else? Let me know. No hurry.

strudel said...

Add details and dialogues to your -Diary of an ambitious young woman looking for a better job-. Send it to editors and publishers: less competition to front, hookers are too lazy and boring to write.

Carl said...

try the private sector.

Beaver said...

oh boy. Do you floss? Flossing helps.

Jokes aside, don't let this demean you. It's tough to find work in the development community anywhere. My father experienced it several times between our stays in BF and home.

Did you ever contact Bridget? That job I told you about in HIV/AIDS is still available - and they really want someone.

Big hugs to you. Of course you are smart and successful and beautiful. You will be fine. Just breathe in the meantime!

Michael said...

Usually it's the fact that you care that stops you from getting a job. Stop caring about the job, show no passion in the interview and undoubtedly, you'll get it. That's been my experience anyways. After the interview, the people who I end up working with tell me that I just seemed to know my business in the interview and wasn't trying to oversell them. Naturally this is tough if it's a job that you really want!