March 15, 2007

The Last Temptation of 007

This incident happened more than 2 weeks ago. But I can only talk about it now because, well become it was pretty traumatizing and I finally sought therapy.

As some of you may know (oh ye heathens, you who don't!) , this is lent season. And I have given up desserts. My mom says that it's not really in the spirit of lent to talk about and complain excessively about what you are sacrificing. But I don't care.

(Incidentally, as in other years, she refuses to tell us what she has given up. Which makes me highly suspicious that she hasn't really given anything up at all).

Two weeks ago, three of my colleagues had birthdays and the sweet ladies in the office brought these cakes. I introduce you to: luscious and sweet Chocolate, tart and crunchy Apple, decadent and sinful Black Forest, doubly conflicted Raspberry Chocolate and Offbeat and Slightly Caffeinated Mocha.

When one of the ladies was placing all the cakes on doilies, she exclamed "And I even brought one for those people that have given up chocolate for lent!"

What about the people who have given up dessert?? Have you brought a cake for people who have given up desert??
It was utter torture I tell 'ya. I'd like to see Mel Gibson make a movie of this.


Beaver said...

I love the way U look at the world. Save some cake for me and I'll fly over to change your light bulb.

*wish I was shorter, though*

Kate said...

Head up now, 007. Only two and a half weeks to go. I would bake you cookies to celebrate but I'm sure they wouldn't get there till Lent rolls around again next year...