May 18, 2007

Angélique Kidjo

I went to see Angélique Kidjo yesterday and it was electric.

Kidjo was born in Ouidah, Benin but relocated to Paris in 1982 following continuing political conflicts in her country. She's a Beninese (from Benin) singer, songwriter whose style is a strange mix of rock/pop and piercing African voices, instruments and beats.

Angélique is so electric, that she manage to get people up and dancing everytime (this is feat in a crowd full of self-important Washington DC suits). By the end of her concert, 1/5 of the audience was on the stage, booty-shaking along with her. She was moving in and out of the thick crowd, creating a strange symbiosis of people, lead by her powerful, but bodiless voice.

It was bitter sweet for me as well, as it coincided with the break-up of a person I admire and appreciate greatly. In a recent email to a friend, I wrote:

It's such a cop-out when people say "my boyfriend and I broke-up " because, at the end of the day, it's a lot more than a school crush. It's a break-up with a good friend, a carer, a lover, and a future father. It's also a leap of faith to leave someone who loves you and whom you love. Who's to say that someone else will love you again? And find your bad habits charming?


Beaver said...

I remember seeing Angelique onstage at the Roll Back Malaria concert in Dakar, with Andrea, Bran and Sarah. It was absolutely brilliant !

Sorry about the break up. *hugs*

MOUS OUS... said...

Hello i believe i spoke to you before i was raised in Senegal too and live in New York City now
i manage a website about Benin where Angelqiue Kidjo is from
I am glad you enjoyed the concert now check out this page you should see her latest cd

007 in Africa said...

Beaver, was I still around for that concert? Too bad I missed it there.

Mous ous, thanks for the note, I look forward to checking out here latest CD. She played a bunch of songs from that.