June 04, 2007

Getting ready for an Exhibit

I have been searching the internet for tips on how to prepare for an art exhibit. There is surprisingly little information out there. These are the steps I think are essential to preparing a photography expo:

(1) Find venue in which to expose pictures (status: done)
(2) Take pictures (status: done)
(3) Think of a theme and a title for the expo (status: done)
(4) Buy 20 simple frames with matting (status: I bought 15, I am planning on buying five more this week)
(5) Create press announcement that can be circulated to interested parties (status: done, and submitted to the Alliance Francaise)
(6) Create informational pamphlet, print and place in venue (status: pamphlet created)
(7) Invite friends and family. Don't mess up the time and the location (status: done through evite.com)
(8) Choose 20 pictures and correct color if too dark (status: I only chose 12 pictures)
(9) Write captions and a blurb about the context and author of the expo. Print on cardboard paper (status: 1/2 of the captions are done)
(10) Translate captions into French, and print also (status: not even started, yikes!)
(11) Set realistic prices for pictures (status: kind of done)
(12) Create a small binder with pictures-buying sign-up sheet. This will allow interested parties to order pictures when you are not around (status: not done)
(13) Choose enhancing materials such as Kuba cloths and masks (status: kind of done but I need to mount the cloths on firm structures such as wooden beams)
(14) Print out all pictures and frame (status: not done)
(15) Hang on nails (status: not done)
(16) Attend the opening, try not to bite nails, and try not to pretend you are not the author of the expo (status: uncertain)

Yikes! I'm getting so nervous! There's so much left to do!

Questions to readers
Question 1: Can you think of anything else I need to do to prepare?
Question 2: If you were at an art show and wanted to buy a picture from a no-name photographer, what would you be willing to pay for a framed picture? for an unframed picture?


Anonymous said...

I would have put "take pictures" as number 1 on the list personally :)
Your list seems pretty exhaustive to me!! If I think of something else I'll let you know, but I doubt it.
I didn't realize the photos would be for sale, that's great!! Hopefully you'll earn some cash :). As for prices, I really don't know... Do the AF people have any experience in the matter? Otherwise you could try contacting a photography school.

Magali said...

If you need help for framing, get in touch with Kadine (my sister in law) - I'm pretty sure she can help you out.

007 in Africa said...

Aww, shucks! Thanks Magali--how is Kadine doing by the way? Also thank you for inviting your friends. Some of them are even showing up (I would be too shy to do this personally).

jau said...

I'd have put "take pictures" first, too, and also "have a theme." Otherwise isn't it a little like wanting to be famous but not having any idea for what?

I have many photographer friends, some who have exhibited and some who haven't. The prices range from $25 to $2500 for one photo, depending on location (of exhibit), plus size and subject and quality of the photo, plus renown and/or skill of the photographer. Color vs. black & white is another issue, tho' sometimes that leans different ways.

I'd think your venue would help you with all the specifics, too. No?

Carl said...

whatever you think the price should be, add 50%.