July 09, 2007

Best Euphemism Ever

I have to laugh at American euphemisms. I mean, what's with all this political correctness?

In Senegal, if things are too expensive, the shopkeeper is called a "voleur" (thief) and in Congo, when someone is showing signs of contagious sickness, people say that person is "très malade" (very sick). In the United States, you would hear of the competitive advantage of quality over price and a person with a potential infectious, suspected case of Tuberculosis instead.

But by far, the best euphemism I have come across is one for really hot days. As you know (or may still question if you are very science-phobic), global warming is a reality today. Again, even the words "global warming" are euphemistic. Africa would perhaps call it "la grillade de la planète" (grilling of the planet).

Our office building is desperately trying to save money on electricity during summer months, which is excruciatingly difficult given that:

1-there are 18 floors and hundreds of offices in the building;
2-most people work with unlimited budgets and don't bat an eyelash about leaving every single light and computer equipment on during the weekend;
3-office buildings in the U.S. are very badly designed. There are no openable windows, trees shadings or air shaft and thus A/C becomes a necessity at 70 degree weather;
4-the A/C is set for those people (men) who wear heavy suits in all types of weather. The receptionists in open cubicles use their heaters when the A/C is blasting (and it's 98 degrees outside) . I swear I have not kidding.

Anyways, our office has instituted special days when people have to be extra vigilant about using the electricity. These days tend to be hot, humid days, when the A/C is on full blast. The days have been dubbed Gold days. Gold day???? That's like calling bloody wounds "ruby openings" or forest fires "Cheery outbursts"!



PEPCO has declared today, July 9, 2007, a "Gold" day, meaning the humidity and temperature will have a significant impact on energy consumption. Building occupants can do their part between the hours of 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm to reduce the energy demand by closing blinds, shutting down non-essential equipment, lights and fans and ensuring that the energy functions of their computers, printers and monitors are operational.

Lowering consumption on "Gold" days and practicing conservation on a daily basis will help reduce energy usage and cost. Thank you for doing your part to conserve energy.
Building Management Branch


Anonymous said...

Sigh, there's so much work to do before we become energy efficient. We should all work from home and live in the Arctic :)

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations

regard from Catalonia Spain

thank you

007 in Africa said...

Thank you Té la mà Maria - Reus. I like yours too. I wish I could read it!

Djamel BUDIN said...
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007 in Africa said...

Djamel BUDIN said...
Hey you,

Just started reading your blog, and I must say that it's excellent. I wanted to get back in touch, but didn't know how to reach you. My dad saw your parents in Tana while on mission, and told me you were doing humanitarian work.

After 7 years in France, and various work experiences, I have decided to move to Canada, where I will probably be happier.

I'd love to talk to you on the phone (I can call you if you E-mail me your phone number).



7:10 AM

strudel said...

Nothing to do with EUPHEMISM, but you are the expert you advice us .

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Garci said...

Hi 007..

On the note of AC + ties/heavy suits.. In Italy, the electric company abolished the use of suits and ties on its offices. It lets them run their AC a few degrees higher and save a bundle! (Almost 9% lower bills!!)

Hope your doing well!
diego in belgium

Anonymous said...

I think we should all work naked.

Anonymous said...

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