November 26, 2007

Omigod it works!

Omigod, the blogging-from-your-email thing works! It's quick too!

I'm happy to report that the stupid fly is walking daaaangerously close to the sticky fly trap. D'oh, it avoided it again. Perhaps it is smarter than it looks? Perhaps it is extremely cautious to steer clear of its pathetic friends trapped in goo?

1 comment:

strudel said...

Death of fly - a thrilling tragedy in a few lines.You don't get bored. It's quality that counts, not quantity.

I have in mind a monthy magazine - THE CHIRPING CRICKET - stories and tales from all over the world - to be published and sold on line by lulu at $0.75. Give your support and simpathy.

'Death of a fly' on front cover, of course.