February 27, 2008


This morning in metro, I see a young man, in a manually-powered wheelchair, and a 2-year old on his lap.  The kid has a funny pink hat and seem to be relishing his bond time with daddy.  There is no way for the Dad to hold on to the kid while using his two arms to turn the wheels, so the whole contraption is a little bit precarious.
Morning are always a bit of a rush, and we are all eager to get to work as soon as possible to show our supervisors that we are dedicated, reliable employees who get to work early.  I hate missing a metro, but of course, I understand how difficult it must be to get anwhere in a wheelchair.  I take a step back, and let the man board the train first.
Of a crowd of 12 people, 10 people rush in the train, like their life depended on it, totally oblivious and uncaring of the man in the wheel chair.  The man waits patiently for his turn, and gracefully boards the train, and tucks himself in a corner and out of the way.  When we all get on board, the crowd looks away, ashamed - I hope - of their lack of consideration.
I can't believe people are so rude in D.C.  I consider myself a D.C.ite, but I find "professionals" to be rude and totally callous sometimes.  Please let me not become an insensitive, egotistical "professional"!

Appelez vos amis de PC à PC -- C'EST GRATUIT Essayez-le maintenant !


Astrogirl said...

Dorothee, you have a kind heart. It will never happen!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're quite safe from ever becoming like them!

Anonymous said...

More than a month without a post, for shame!

Beaver said...

Une fois, deux fois, trois fois, adjuge !

NEVER in a million lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

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Thank you, Jay