February 06, 2008

Congo, we meet again!

Last week, I met with the Minister of Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Discounting the fact that he was 1.5 hours late, it was super exciting to sit in a meeting with Congolese people once again.  This was my email to the meeting organizer :

Dear XXX,

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to join the meeting with the new Minister of Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo and his colleagues. It was very nice to reconnect with issues from the field, and hear the pertinent questions they asked – many of their comments (on rapid-testing, cost of health services, and strengthening of surveillance for example) resonated from my time having worked closely with hospital in rural and isolated areas.

Your Office has much to offer the Ministry of Health from the Democratic Republic of Congo (and vice versa), and I hope that collaboration between the two entities will last for a long time.

Again, thank you for this opportunity and best of luck in your future posting overseas!

Best Regards,

007 in Africa


Anonymous said...

How sweet :)

Beaver said...

Very sweet indeed. Is that nostalgia I am sensing?