April 27, 2008

It didn't die

The little plant that could

Some friends gave me a beautiful, small, yellow rosebush for my 30th birthday. I was pretty bad about watering it regularly, and it lost all of its buds and flowers. I wasn't too devasted because this is a regularly occuring pattern in my life. I like to say that I have brown thumbs.

Nevertheless, I trimmed the dead parts, repotted it with plant food...and it grew back! It now has three buds that look like they are ready to burst. It's very exciting and a great sign for the decade to come! The only problem is that aphids are aggressively setting up residence on the plant (I'm perplexed, this is an indoor plant - how the heck did aphids find their way to my room?).

Kindda fuzzy but full of Aphids


Anonymous said...

It's a good sign for your 31st year :)

Laura said...

If you catch a ladybug and put it on the plant your aphid problem is solved. Ladybugs are aphid destroyers.

007 in Africa said...

Laura, I was going to write a smart-aleck comment about how in the heck I was going to find a ladybug, when I walked into my house to connect to my computer, and there was a ladybug on my outside wall! I brought it inside, but now it flew away to God-knows where...