April 13, 2008

Super Productive

It's weird...There are days when I do absolutely nothing (unless you count sleeping and watching TV 'doing something'), and others when I take care of all my errands in a half day.

Yesterday, I biked for a couples of miles to the coffee shop to have a latte with a friend (1). An hour later, I was biking uphill to pick up nuts from the hardware store to fix my bikes (2), stopped in my pottery class to pick up a little flower vase I glazed last week (photo to come) (3), rode by Target to pick up a large plastic flower pot (4).

When I came home, I gulped some microwaved Pad Thai and a toast with blue cheese(5), knocked a couple of holes into my new plastic pot with my roommate's drill (6), repotted my rose (7), repotted some wild flowers (8). I also checked on my rosemary and oregano in the backyard and they didn't die over the winter! I think the profusion of fallen leaves covered them up from frost. So I add removed leaves, added soil and plant food, and watered them (9). I planted a gerber Daisy from a pot into our front yard (10).

I took out the recycling, down two sets of stairs, and through the garage (11) and found that my old roomate has left some speakers in the garage for a year. I hulled the large, heavy, speakers up two flights of stairs, tested them with copper wire that I cut and connected to the main audio system (12), and hulled them one extra flight of stairs to clean them and remove the crap that had accumulated on them this last year (13). Then, I had a nap...

Finally, I rode my bike for an hour uphill to Georgetown to my parents (14), and watched some cable show on reconstruction surgery for a girl with a genetic defect. Ahhhh! Such a productive day!


Anonymous said...

Wow, impressive! Could you spare me some energy?

Magali said...

I love days like that!

These days, all I seem to be doing is working on my PhD, reading for my PhD, sleeping, feeling guilty for not working on my PhD when I go food shopping or clean my room, getting burnt out from focusing so much on the PhD...etc. I know I'm being productive, but I've got nothing to show for it - no instant gratification.

You've inspired me to start doing all the non-PhD stuff I've been thinking about. Thanks!

Beaver said...

Yeehaw! It's incredible what one gets done without the telly, huh?

Victoria said...

Hah! I love days like that!

I had that EXACT SAME DINNER two nights ago. I miss you.