June 17, 2008

A series of mismatched thoughts

Because I'm too lazy to update my blog on a regular basis, and because my life is frankly not very exciting, here are snippets of an email I sent to a friend (before you get offended that I never write *you* such long email, it was his birthday, okay?):


I have the March of Penguins at home from Netflix and I can't wait to see it.  For some weird reason, all the movies in my queue are documentaries.  You know it's funny, I always say 'wow I really, really want to see this movie' and then I have a long list of movies to choose from and I don't remember what I really, really wanted to see anymore.  I guess I'm more fickle than I thought.


I also took a 4 hours bike ride this weekend, punctuated by dinner, and a stop at the Artomatic, a event with 100 artists where an organization rents a building that's being built, and stuff it full of local art for a week.  What I liked best were the views of the city from the upper floors, and the concrete lofts on every floor.  Eventually, it will be carpeted and furnished with cheap office furniture, walled in, cubed in and plastered.  Then they will bring in incompetent bosses, underused office supplies, needy employees and passive-aggressive receptionists.  Sigh.  It' s a depressing thought, but it was very relaxing to be in the empty building.


Very strange.


Things are generally well, but I would rather not work.  I would like to be a writer with a ranch (with animals I don't have to take care of, of course), or a painter close to the beach, or a specialty-soap maker who works with locals to get the freshest herbs, ingredients and label-drawing artists.  Anything but having to wake up tired at 6:30 a.m., find matching tops and bottoms, follow the hoards into the metro, tuck in your elbows as you read the paper, enter the office, smile at the bored guards, deflect angry emails, come home tired. Repeat 5 times until the weekend.


Do you ever feel that your life is dreary?  Aren't you itching for an adventure?

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Amaury said...

Great, now I'm depressed too... :)
Did you write to ML?