July 04, 2008

How the Hell Do I Get Matt's Life

There is this awesome guy called Matt, who does a little funny dances in a lot of cool places in the world. Enjoy his two videos below:

The videos are so awesome, I had to write to him right away:
Hi Matt:

I really like your videos (you probably get that a lot). I have to say that they made me both giggle (when the crowds went wild with dancing around you, especially those in Africa because I know how excited and unselfconscious African kids can be), and a little teary-eyed for the amazing and diverse places that exist on earth.

It makes me want to quit my job and work on a travel TV show. The trouble is that I work in International Public Health and I also love working in that field.

007 in Africa

PS: I'm impressed you were able to get to Bhutan, I hear the visas are hard to get.


Anonymous said...

And I thought I was a silly dancer :)

Astrogirl said...

Dorothee, these videos are amazing and inspiring! Thanks for posting them. And good luck on your travels!

Kate said...

I think I shared a room with this guy at a backpackers in Western Uganda 4 years ago WEIRD.