October 01, 2008

Something Artistic

I am itching to do something more artistic in my life. I am a big fan of graphic novels and wish I could draw so I could write a novel of my experiences abroad. It's a little narcissistic I know, but it would be fun nonetheless.

One of my favorite novels is Fun Home a graphic novel by Alison Bechdel. In it, she recalls her childhood in a large, Victorian house, with a father that, in hindsight, was probably trying hard to deny his homosexuality. It's a really great story, with a lot of interesting and insightful references to literature. I highly recommend it.

Enjoy in a book store near you...

PS: If you're looking for good stories for your graphic novel, write me!


Anonymous said...

I totally relate to her :). You should forces with Thibo!

steve in wisconsin said...

I've paged through a few graphic novels - and was almost tempted to buy one or two but considered them a bit expensive.

Japanese manga/anime: these are the only graphics I've seen in northern WI and upper MI bookstores. Any recommendations? Also does your interest extend to anime (DVDs, etc)?

007 in Africa said...

Hi Steve, I would recommend starting with "Fun Home" from Miss Bedchel - it's a good start. The entire "Persepolis" collection is also gripping as it describes a liberal family in Iran coping with the new strict Government and deciding what to do with its head-strong daugther. It's a biography by Marjane Satrapi. For something lighter, I would try "Vampire Loves" by Joann Sfar, or "the book of bunny suicides" by Andy Riley.

steve in wisconsin said...

Thanks! I will see what I can find via some online shopping.