November 17, 2008

The Obama Inauguration is Getting Crazy!

Apparently, all hotel 50 miles from Washington, D.C. are completely booked for the week of the inauguration. Which is making people very imaginative and crafty (and desperate). Here's what I found on Craigslist:

Apartment to Swap for Inauguration - Calling all Palin Pals!
Are you a down on your luck oil lobbyist? Or are you a closet Nazi/skin head? Do you think global warming is God giving the world a hug? Do you hate arugula and lattes? Why subject yourself to an endless chant of 'Yes We Can.'

During inauguration week, escape to Akron, Ohio, where 40 percent of the people voted McCain/Palin! Take this once in a life time opportunity to stick your head in the sand while your world falls apart around you.

Apartment located in Highland Square, where only the most conservative gays, lesbians and artists reside.

Room for 2, 01/17, leaving 20th (Capital area)
Looking for a place to stay for 2 queer guys (friends) from Asheville. Looking for in or very near Capital area for the Inauguration; near Metro a plus. Can pay. Arriving by train. We're both easy going, professional, sane, and very excited about the future! Hotels booked for 50 miles. We'll come bearing gifts. :)

Photographer needs accommodation Jan 18-21 for inauguration (DC Area)

I'm a photojournalist coming from Honolulu, HI to cover the inauguration, just found most hotels all booked up. Does anyone have a spare bedroom or apt I could rent for a few days? I can pay around $80-$100/night and will bring the macadamia nuts and anything else you want from Hawaii. Hawaii shirt? You got it. I will just need a place to sleep and keep warm, most of my days will be out working. Internet access is big plus.

Please reply back with your location, how close it is to mass transit, restaurants, etc.


before Dec 31, 2008 in Orlando Florida for DC inauguration
I have a 2006 year timeshare week (7 days) that I am about to use or loose. It has to be taken before Dec 31, 2008 in Orlando Florida. I want to go to the presidential inauguration in January. If any one is interested in traveling to Florida before the year is out and willing to swap their DC place for about 3 days In January, around inauguration day, please let me know. Thanks

Hum, this makes me think that maybe there's a buck or two in his inauguration as well...


Anonymous said...

You should go for it! If my mom wasn't so antisocial I'd recommend she do it too :)
But a listing online and ask for the best offer :)

Victoria said...

Oh yes that reminds me. Mind if my housemate takes my room during the inauguration?
I'm leaving the day before! I wasn't thinking when I booked my ticket!

FoggyDew said...

Wonder how much I could get for a 1-bedroom in Arlington five minutes from the Metro?