December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas?

I am so frigging stressed out and it’s not even Christmas yet. These are the things that I absolutely need to do in the next two weeks:

1-Get presents for my mom and dad
This year, as the last few years, our family has set a $10-15 limit to buying presents. The concept is the following: since we are fortunate, and have everything we need, and are now adults, why get each other more expensive “stuff” for Christmas? So we each get each other little fun gifts (comic books, cool pens, scarves) that are not to exceed $15 in value. Imagine having to spend hours at the mall, competing with ten giggling 15-year olds to get to the register, wondering whether your meter’s run out.

Sucks does it?

2-Socialize with the family, and friends
I love my family, I truly do. But I’m already freaking out about not spending enough time with my siblings, and getting together with old friends that come out of the woodworks (I haven’t talked to five of you in over 6 months, and all of a sudden you all want to have a drink this week? Are you serious?). What's with people wanting to get cheerful with others around the holidays?

Get me outta here!

3-Shuttling back-and-forth between my house and my parents’ house
My ‘rents live in Georgetown, I live in Columbia Heights. Total drive time between the 2 neighborhoods: 20 mins. BUT, Georgetown has no metro station, and I have no car. Which means that I can take public transportation and it will take me 2 hours for a round trip, or pay insane amounts of money to rent a zipcar. I decided to rent the car.

Le Grand Sigh.

4-No gain weight
This is hardest part of the holidays. There are cookies, cakes, pies, and chocolates everywhere! EVERYWHERE! At my work, in my kitchen, at my friend’s holiday party, at the frigging gym, at the mall, in the starbucks, underneath my roommate's pillows (that's another story that needs to be told later - basically the dog was being naughty and tried to hide the evidence).

Arrgh, how am I going to stop myself?

5-Negotiate about my Mom about Church
Let’s be honest, I’m not an enthusiastic church-goer. The only times I go to church are Christmas…and well, Christmas pretty much sums it up. One the one hand, I could use an evening of chilling out by myself. Besides, it’s from 9-11 p.m. which is ridiculously late. And I will see lots of people from high school and basically regress to my 14-year old self. Which could get ugly.

On the other hand mom wants me to go, and I would feel very guilty if I didn’t go (you know, the whole God, forgiveness, and duty things).

Anyways, happy, happy holidays everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh don't be such a grinch :) Listen to some Xmas music, I'm sure you'll be all jolly soon :)

Roland Hulme said...

What is this zipcar of which you write? Where can you rent one? They look awesome!