December 11, 2008

Some people never learn

(namely me).

I'm very seriously considering buying a house, and have been doing some independent research on what I can afford. Basically, I can afford a small, run-down, two-bedroom house, in a crime-ridden neighborhood. For irony, see the post right before this one.

Anacostia, today, is primarily known for its excessive crime rates that reached a peak in the 1990's. After decades of neglect, crime has been a major problem in this area of the city. In 2005, 62 of Washington, D.C.'s 195 homocides occurred in the 7th District of the Metropolitan Police Department, which also includes the neighborhoods of Barry Farms, Naylor Gardens, and Washington Highlands. This figure is down from the 7th District's peak of 133 homicides in 1993.


I mean, the number of murders is down from 133 in 1993, to 62 in 2005. That's a positive note though, isn't it?

The blog And Now, Anacostia charmingly records the little things that make the neighborhood interesting.


Anonymous said...

It's depressing that even with a real estate market in the doldrums you still can't afford a nice place. You need to find co-investors :)

007 in Africa said...

I think I've made that point to you numerous times :)

Victoria said...

How about H street behind the Capitol?
Still sketchy, to be sure, but also up and coming. And not Anacostia.