January 28, 2009

Photos from the Obama Inauguration

Old buildings in Washington, D.C. welcome Obama.

Tanks love Obama too.

The Mall was packed like I've never seen before.

Malia and Sasha are also welcomed to D.C.

Apparently, Mongolians like Obama too.

Beautiful view of the National Monument surrounded by an iced pond. The weather was beyond frigid.

Lincoln was Canadian.

The Mall was so packed that people actually climbed the toilets to get away from the crowds. Just glad I wasn't peeing in the stalls at the time.

Here's me posing with the man. I almost brought him home with me, but my pockets were too small.

Choose Jesus or Obama. There's no compromise.

Ben's Chili Bowl sported an Obama on its roof. Standing on a pulpit. With a gavel. A little creepy actually.

Obama! In car dust!

Cool decal of our prez.


Anonymous said...

Best pictures I've seen so far!

Carl said...

on a quibbling technical note: the vehicle labeled a tank is actually a hmmwv, the fabled humvee. a humvee to a real tank is as a bic clic is to a flamethrower. there now i've obsessed about my compulsion and i'm happy.

007 in Africa said...

Thanks Ammo.

Thanks for the correction Carl, that was an embarrasing mistake (I like the analogy too). How are you by the way?

Carl said...

I am very well. Things in my corner of the imperial frontier are very quiet. We see rather more MRAPs now, not as many Humvees.