January 09, 2009

Yogurts are my Speciality

A good friend of mine came to the rescue, concerning yogurts. Here are the facts, paraphrased from a nice, long email he sent today:

1-France surpasses India in yogurt consumption per capita, volume, sales, etc.

2-See total sales of yogurt per region in the world in 2006, by product. The graphs show that European consumption largely surpasses Asian consumption in total, and that would prove that consumption is greater “per capita”.

3-Of course, these are sales only, and one could argue that exchange rates and price differences can explain that difference. A comparison per volume would be more appropriate.

4-Comparison per volume:

Data from Euromonitor for consumption of “spoonable yogurt” in India and France, with his calculation per capita (thanks friend, you went above and beyond the call of duty on that one).

Sale of Spoonable yoghurt in 2007 :

- 172,260,000 tons / year (estimated population in 2005 = 1,147,995,898)
- 0.15 tons / capita

- 983,340,000 tons / year (estimated population in 2008 = 64,473,140)
- 15.25 tonnes / capita

Source : Euromonitor

The United States, as usual, dominates when total consumption is concerned, but per-capita, it is not comparable with France :
- 1,521,670,000 tons / year (estimated population in 2008 = 303,824,640)
- 5 tons /capita

Argh, if only this had been a Trivial pursuit question!

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Anonymous said...

41 kilos per capita per day in France!!! Amazing - only out by a factor of 1000...