March 30, 2009

International Women's Day and Gender

International Women’s Day was on March 8, 2009 this year, and I’ve shockingly missed it this year again. I marked it three years ago, in Congo.

Fortunately, my sister who is a medical student in Australia, also works on Diffusion Science Radio, a very cool website that diffuses weekly shows on brainy, nerdy science.


Here’s a great podcast she helped produce, for International Women’s Day 2009:

International Women's Day 2009 with Victoria Bond and Ian Woolf
Gender bending stories:
- Phthalates feminize boys
- Half-boy, half-girl bird brain
- Sixth sense switches mice gender
- Gender gene identified
- Gender and sex identity development
- Gender development disorders
- Turner sydnrome
- Kleinfelter syndrome
- Hermaphroditism and gender assignment
- Testosterone receptor insensitivity
- Women in Science: Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Rachel Carson

Presented by Victoria Bond, Produced by Ian Woolf


Anonymous said...

Listening to it right now, very interesting!!! Funny to hear Victoria's voice on a podcast :)

Astrogirl said...

Fascinating! Thanks for posting this, Dorothee. And thank you, Victoria.

TheMalau said...

Dorothee, I was in DC recently, and I can't believe I didn't connect with you somehow. Have you heard of Friends of the Congo? I was working with them for a while, and we had a Women's day event on Dupont Circle. It was great, you would have appreciated. Anyway, nice to read you.