March 04, 2009


So, I was looking up a biography of Rush Limbaugh on wikipedia, because he's been quoted as making incendiary comments lately (what a shock).

Did you know he was partially deaf? So it made me want to look up Cochlear Implants (which are really cool devices that consist of a tiny microphone and a receiver implanted on the skull which transmits radio waves to the cochlea).

Then it showed a link to deafness, and of course, I had to look up Hellen Keller. She in turn is connected to a number of really interesting people (did you know that her mother sent her to Baltimore to get more information about her deafness after reading a collection of anecdotes by Charles Dickens?). She met really interested people later in life, such as Ann Sullivan (which had a really tragic childhood in Ireland and the United States).

Then, what the heck, it seems like looking up the entry to American Sign Language was important, and I learn lots of interesting facts about Home Signs, the Old French Sign language, and Scarlet fever (which, by no coincidence I'm sure, caused a number of child to become death and blind, and some became both, or DeafBlind).

Now, I really want to learn sign language. Wow, all that from an entry about Rush Limbaugh!



Shannon said...

There's only one sort of sign language required with Rush Limbaugh, and that's an outstretched middle finger.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty cool line of discovery :)

Carl said...

i used to do a fair amount of work with the school for the deaf when i was an officer. it was most interesting. and all that i saw and learned was through the offices of hearing interpreters.

Astrogirl said...

The wikitrap? Happens to me all the time! Terrible waste of time but you learn a lot.