January 11, 2010

Hold Please – Putting You Through to the Eighties

Why is it that every time customer service puts me on hold, like I am right now, the background music is some cheesy mix of elevator Jazz, and “sexy” saxophone that is very reminiscent of eighties soap operas?

Seriously, who chooses the music? Arrrrgh!


vvk said...

BMI, ASCAP (the two major music licensing companies) and the music labels are to responsible... No business wants to risk getting sued because they don't have the right licenses for the music they're playing on hold... so they use the small handful of cheesy music that their telephone equipment provider provides with their phone system.

007 in Africa said...

Wow, really? That's crazy and sucky at the same time. We've become such a litigious society!

Anonymous said...

I do, and I'm vexed now! :)