January 14, 2010

One Where I am Evil

Another one of colleagues tells good stories about her dreams:

Ok, been wanting to tell you about my insane dream, but you been soo beezee :) (it’s a good thing)

Had a dream we were here at work, and I was telling you how dry my hair was because of the stupid organic gel ive been using (from whole foods), and then you were like, ok let me take a look, so you take out scissors and cut my hair!!!

I was yelling, and started running away, and was cursing, and you were completely indifferent, as in whatever, I did you a favor. Then for some reason we were on the 3rd floor at [office location] and there was a festival, and an old school mate I had a crush on (gorgeous large African American male) came up to me while you and I were talking about the whole hair situation, put his derrière in my face, and started dancing.

The end

A common element of these two stories is that they both finish with "The end". And they are both crazy of course.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can totally see you cutting someone's hair.

007 in Africa said...

Hey! That's just mean! :) Btw, thanks for posting comments to every post... You increase my blog's value by an infinitesimal value!