February 15, 2010

Linking Family Trees

There are two or three people in my family that are very interested in recreating their family trees, reaching out to the far ends of the world to discover new branches and information about relatives.

My father is South African, and my mother is French. Upon hearing that my dad's family may have a French branch to it, I wrote the following:

From: 007 in Africa
Sent: 12 February 2010
To: A variety of people
Subject: RE: DNA Testing easy in USA

Please tell me there won't be a chance my parents are related....

007 in Africa

She quickly replied:

From: My aunt
Sent: 12 February 2010
To: 007 in Africa; a variety of people
Subject: RE: DNA Testing easy in USA

Be sensible – it’s impossible. You’ve studied genetics and should have realized ages ago your father is not from this planet. I suspect he’s actually an orphan my parents found in Roswell, USA, sometime in the fifties and adopted. He’s odd, but we still love him very, very much. (Only aliens listen to Mahler for relaxation)

Peter says now, at last, he understands why I always spend so much time in the kitchen.

Love you all lots!
Your Aunt


Astrogirl said...

Be happy! Not everyone can claim such a unique dad!

Anonymous said...

We're all related if you go back far enough... Scary isn't it :)

Chris said...

"(Only aliens listen to Mahler for relaxation)"

That made me laugh out loud....

Anonymous said...

So when are we getting the cross-country skiing post??? I hope you're feeling better!