March 30, 2010

First Photos of my Newly Purchased Palace

This is what the seller of the house had to say about the house I just bought:

"Bring your ideas to this as-is home and make it the perfect home for you. It has a lot of great features to offer. View online photos and call."

Let me know if you would have made the plunge to bring your ideas to this as-is home. Not sure what great features he was referring to...

Living Room
I love uber-dark living rooms. My mom nearly fainted when I told her I was considering keeping the blood red, velvet curtains.

Kitchen + Den
This is the first part of the kitchen with stove, countertops, and cupboards...

And now, welcome to the second part of the kitchen (conveniently located in a den adjoining the first part of the kitchen). Say hello to your stove and fridge!

Staircase to Upstairs
This is a view of the staircase from the living room. Now that's what I call a giant vanity mirror!

More paneling. Classy.

View into the Dining Room
Oops, tiny leak from the upstairs bathroom. Let's just paint it over mom!

Master Bedroom
Sarcasm aside, the master bedroom is pretty cool. Not sure who came up with the brilliant idea of painting the wood floor two different shades of brown though.

Guest Bedroom + Crib Room + Den
Grandma's staying in the guest room! She'll be right at ease with the curtains from the 1970s.

The upstairs has a charming den with wood panelling. This is where I can envisioning smoking my future cigars. So sophisticated!

One word: Groovy.

Here's a close up of the skylight that the owner decided to close up. He then added a fluorescent light and cheap plastic sheeting. Please note the dark specks which are carcasses of dead flies and other interesting insects.

My friend calls this the "future billiard room".

So yes, this is the house I bought.

Thank you to Ammo for braving the creepy house to take these first photos!


M. said...

It looks amazing! I'm vaguely disappointed you didn't keep the yellow bathroom though.

I recently became a home owner too. All 23% of it. Occasionally I'm reminded of this fact and realize I am now an adult. CRAP.

007 in Africa said...

M. thanks! I'm vaguely disappointed as well. Not! Seriously, it'll look a lot nicer, but I promise to keep some of the cool yellow vibe somehow.

Congrats on the house - but what happened to the remaining 73% of it? Yes, I get panick attacks when I remember I'm now an adult. I like your bike pictures...

M. said...

The other 77% belong to the boyfriend. Pah.

007 in Africa said...