April 12, 2010

Second Round of Pictures from my Palace

Those first pictures were taken on March 7, 2010. By March 16, 2010, this is what the house looked like, once the contractors started working on it. This is the point when I mentally started ventilating and started to think that I made the biggest mistake in my life. But it has potential right?

They knocked down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to consolidate the cooking appliances in one room and give it an open, airy feeling. The cords and black box are the electric wiring and old light switch.

Hallway into the Kitchen
They selectively removed some of the old plaster from the walls that were really damaged and patched the holes up with drywall. The thin slates of wood and plaster in the interweaving grooves date from 1923 (or 1928), when the house was first built.

Hallway Leading to the Upstairs
Argh! No comment. So much work to do here.

Guest Bedroom
Without the granny curtains and the vinyl patch up on the floor, this room is almost palatable.

Upstairs Den
Can you please put the wood paneling back? I think I'd rather live with wood walls than this.

Aaaahh! What the eff is this room? Turns out it's my bathroom. Weirdly, it looks tiny without the tub, sink and toilet. Yes, there is a hole that goes straight threw the living room. I can't even bare to look at the wall and the plumbing.


Anonymous said...

Wow.... They're really ripping the place apart!!!
Bon courage !

Carl said...

no hard numbers of course, but as a % of the price of the house, how much will all this work cost?

007 in Africa said...

Thanks Ammo, actually, it looks much nicer now. I need to take pictures before they finish it up!

Carl, I just calculated on an excel spreadsheet that the work will cost 26% of the price of the work. Thankfully, the house was cheap :)

Stephanie said...

Encore encore ! Et la cour dehors ? And where is the kitchen ? :)

FoggyDew said...

You got to tear it down before you can build it up. I kinda liked the split kitchen concept. You never know, it might have caught on.

Can't wait to see the finished product. Or the product in process. Either one.

007 in Africa said...

Stephanie, tu veux m'aider a arranger la cour dehors? No kitchen...yet!

FoggyDew, I think the split kitchen never really caught on :) You're welcome to come see the in-process product anytime.