June 02, 2010

It Takes a Village: Realtor

I started off with a realtor who didn’t know D.C. very well, was frequently one hour late to our appointment, and needed a GPS to get from one block to the next. She was hard to pin down, and I felt like I was asking to much by requesting to see houses once a week. She would reluctantly show me houses in neighborhoods that she didn’t approve of. She never knew if the house she proposed were anywhere near a metro, or what amenities were available in the neigborhood.

On every trip, she would spend 20 min on the phone with her 4-year old daughter while driving, gushing “yes moooommy luuuurrrves you. Oh yes you are such a sweetie pie. What did you do today? Oh wow and after the painting? Oh great and what was in your lunch? And how about after playtime? Did you have a great little nap? Mommy loves her little sweetings”.

It was cute and terribly distracting at the same time, and made me feel like she didn’t really have the time to dedicate to helping me. Every trip was exhausting.

I then worked with a great realtor who lived in DC, so straight from the beginning; I knew she was knowledgeable about city and she wasn’t scared or biased towards certain neighborhood. She had a great sense of direction, and very quickly sensed what places I liked. She was understanding when I hesitated, and would recommend we continue searching.

She was encouraging when my three first contracts feel through, sensing my deep sense of disappointment and letting me know there were other places out there for me to see. She always took my phone call and was hyperflexible about dates and timing to see houses.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, she was super nice!!