June 04, 2010

It Takes a Village: Siblings

My brother offered to help me work on the remaining items around my house, after his trip to China and France. Little did he know that he unleashed a floodgate of requests. Here's what I emailed:

I was thinking about the items that I still need help on in my house, since you so kindly offered :) None of them are particularly glamorous, but here goes:

- I have this lightbulb that got stuck in my fan and broke off. I need someone with muscles to use plier to remove the bottom part

- The front and back gardens are a mess. I'd love some help leveling the back garden, adding a couple of layers of dirt, building a tiny patio made from flagstone paving, and creating some rows for herbs and plants on the side. The problem is that it will be in mid-August, so not sure what we can do in the heat, but perhaps we can prepare the garden for the fall? I'll make sure to get a garden hose and pick up the millions of shards of glass before then

- The machine room is disgusting, and so I haven't yet done my laundry there. Mom was super sweet and sweated over it for a long time removing layers and layers of dust, old hangers, bricks etc. But it still looks like a bomb exploded in there. If you are willing, I'd love some help adding linoleum or tile sto the floor. The good thing is that it doesn't matter if it's messed up, so perhaps it'll be a good learning experience for the both of us in term of adding tile :) We could also install a couple of pegboards with metal holders to create a nice space for all the cleaning supplies

- I need a mega huge shelving unit for my basement so all the boxes are off the floor and don't get damp. I could get a unit for IKEA, or you could help me build one

- Apparently, my dryer isn't working. I'll be scouring Craigslist to find a new one. Could you help me connect it to hoses etc, if I haven't done it by August?

That didn't seem to discourage him, so I sent a subsequent email:

- Also, deck needs to be stained :)


Anonymous said...

Poor brother :)

Carl said...

it wasn't that long ago you were in equatorial Africa. no excuses about the heat accepted. get on with it.

Victoria said...

I appreciate your pluralization of "sibling". Is that a hint, or what? ;)