July 15, 2010

Timeline of a Dryer

You'd be surprised how useful a dryer is. Sure, you may fancy yourself a new-age hippy of sorts, but let's be honest: a dryer is much more useful than a cloth line when you have few clothes, need them unwrinkled for the next work day, and have a damp basement.

Well, when I bought the house, the inspector told me the dryer was working fine (and that the roof was sound, ya right). It took my roommate about 2 weeks to convince me that it actually wasn't drying at all, another 2 weeks for me to test it out, and 1 week to order it at Home Depot.

When it came to the house, 1 full month after we'd moved in, the Home Depot guys took a quick look at my basement, and announced that I needed a GAS dryer, not the ELECTRIC dryer I ordered. Oh boy. I didn't even know gas dryer existed.

Took me another 1 week to go to Home Depot to ask for a reimbursement, and figure out how to order a new one. 1 more week for me to get my money back, and finally order a new gas dryer. I was extremely meticulous in the online purchase, making sure that it was gas, I got the extra cord and duct, asked for removal of the old machine and installation of the new one.

So, almost 2 months after moving in, we should have a dryer on Tuesday! Wish me luck!

I'm staying cool and calm, because things could be worse, way worse. Case in point: the story of a woman who went 2 weeks without a toilet (read on to see what she did in her apartment to compensate), and 1 month without a shower.



Anonymous said...

I hope it works out this time!

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