November 21, 2010


This is what my backyard looked like while the contractors did their 2 months of renovation (bordering on a gut job). Except the pile was usually three times as high, and full of errand cats. Thank God the neighbors never complained of it. A ridiculously small open-back van hauled the trash during many trips to clear the backyard. It was almost comical to see the towering Pile O' Stuff it could drive away with.

My friend courageously came to visit when he was in DC (he lives in NY) to see the progress of the house. Though the picture is very dark since it was taken from the basement, you can see the bright sun shining on the trash in the backyard, and my friend valiantly showing enthusiasm in taking pictures of the progress.

Aaaaah! Much better! The grass was almost completely dead from not seeing the sun in 2 months. Fortunately it all grew back very quickly... And it's now 100% crab grass and dandelions.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, finally an update!!
Yes it's true I'm very valiant :)