December 07, 2010

All I need for Christmas...

... is money!

I've been a bit poor lately, often drawing into my savings account to make ends meet. BUT I shouldn't even complain because I have a job, and I probably make much more money than the average American (or French person for that matter).

Nonetheless, I've decided to be reasonable with my expenses this year, especially on the decoration front. So this is what I came up with (please excuse the blurriness of the pictures, they were taken by cell phone).

Made from a bright Banana Republic shopping bag, cheap craft paper and dull crayons. I bought the Stars in a store that promoted fair trade, and are made from raffia fibres from Cambodia.

Close up of the wreath in question.

I adorned my stairway with multicolored spice packets from Madagascar, red bows and wooden toys that my mom had as decorations for our tree from 1978-1996. (I don't know why the bottom of the picture looks hot pink, but I like it... Hum, food for thought for when I decide to repaint my house).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yay, updates!! Cambodia really looks nice!!
Your Xmas decorations are quite nice considering your budget :)