December 07, 2010

Cambodia, part 3

I'm not sure how to describe the food exactly, but there are a lot of recent Chinese additions to the meals (such as spices, sauce and other ingredients).

We ate a lot of rice.

Tried a common dish called Congée, which I suspect is deviled or rotted eggs (here in a plate with shredded carrots, salmons and cheese).

And I tried to eat Tarantulas, just for the sake of it. They are suprisingly sweet and soft on the inside, though quite crunchy on the outside. I tried my best to much two of the three, but just couldn't bring myself to finish the dish. It made me queasy (which is a sure and sad sign that I'm softening in my old age).

(Me, pretending to be excited about eating tarantulas)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm impressed you managed to eat a tarantula!!! I don't think I would have been able to. Icky.

Laura said...

Oh god, Doro. I'm getting shivers just looking at the one on your plate. It looks like it's about to strike. It would take all of my personal strength to not hurl the plate as far from me as possible, let alone actually eat those things.