December 14, 2010

The Secret of Snagging a Man?

Yesterday, I was sitting next to a girl who was reading a book with intensity. When I looked over, I could see she was reading the "Nagging NO More" chapter, from a book called "Why Men Love Bitches".

I checked out the review for the book, and they are positively glowing!

Hum, maybe I've been using the wrong tactic all these years...


Steve in Wisconsin said...

I couldn't help but notice that the book was written by a woman. Um, looks like an attempt to make bitchy women feel good about themselves by reassuring them that their disposition isn't the problem.

Carl said...

The best book I ever read about this general subject is called "Confessions of a Mail Order Bride". The title sounds salacious (which is why I picked it up) but Ms. Larson has more insight into men and marriage than anything I ever read, speaking as one who has never been married.

One other thing I read that also makes eminent sense is that each person should be prepared to give 60% and get 40%, all the time.

Ms. Argov sounds like the kind of American woman my Irish friend spoke of when he said "Do you cut the red wire, or do you cut the blue wire?"

Anonymous said...

As long as you remain nice with your friends :)
Of course, they often say the inverse too: women love bad boys.