February 08, 2011


So admittedly, I've been feeling a wee bit bored lately. For me, boredom is a VERY bad thing, as I tend not to cope very well with it and make stupid decisions. My sister recommends working out, but I'm just too cold to go for a run, and I cancelled my membership since moving because the gym is now too far (*cough* one metro stop away *cough*).

Case in point 1: even though I bought my house less than a year ago (February 26 will be my one-year anniversary), I'm already looking at new houses to buy, flip and rent for investment. I'm set up a coffee date with my realtor to discuss investment value, neighborhoods, alternative sources of funding, and other practicalities. I must admit that I have no cash, so I will need to be very creative with my sources of financing. Indecent Proposal anyone?

Case in point 2: I have a small obsession with furniture, much like some of friends have with shoes and handbags. I've miraculously managed not to amass too many things in my house, but I could easily spend 4 hours each day on the web looking for furniture. I dream of owning sophisticated antique pieces; redoing an artist's study with modern sofas, tables and chairs; I scope out the cheapest yet tasteful items in case I'd ever need to stage an apartment for sale. It's completely ridiculous...

Unable to resist this is what I bought tonight ($15 for both from Craigslist + $10 taxi ride):

Don't they just look positively in love?


Steve in Wisconsin said...

With regard to real estate... When I moved from CA to WI in 1999 I was able to take advantage of California's rising real estate prices. Even though I still had 15 years on my CA mortgage, I had enough equity after selling my house to pay cash for my WI home. Outcome: No house payment here. With the U.S. economy sliding, you should explore ways to reduce your real estate indebtedness by possibly relocating to a smaller place (condo, etc) or moving to a different community with lower housing costs -- but still within commuting distance to D.C. if that's where you're going to be.

Anonymous said...

Nice :)