February 23, 2011

Crazy Wedding in Las Vegas

I attended a crazy wedding in Las Vegas last weekend for one of my best friends. It was soooo much fun!

The Groom and Bride. The Groom wanted to rent a tux in Vegas, but found instead a completely purple outfit that cost him the same to buy then to rent. So he went with it. The Bride found a dress in D.C. a mere few days before Vegas and borrowed a friend's hat for the picture.

For some reason, and completely unplanned, the rest of the girls all dressed up by different sequential decades:

Rest of the Gang. Antine as a Cowgirl in the 1930s, 007 in cocktail wear in the 1940s, Yanna as a 1950s Housewife, Mala sporting a fro' in the 60s, Sema with a grooving dress reminiscent of the 1970s, and Nancy with block print from the 80s.

(Note: they got married at the very classy Graceland Chapel so yes, that is astroturf on the ground.)


FoggyDew said...

Best. Wedding. Suit. Ever. And the girls look pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL, I love it! Almost makes me want to get married :)

Astrogirl said...

Cocktail wear of the '40s suits you. Very elegant!

kim23 said...

it's so romantic to get married in Vegas! I'm sure that you had a lot of fun there! I heard that Graceland Chapel is one of the most beautiful Las Vegas Wedding Chapels. all the girls look amazing!

007 in Africa said...

foggy Dew, we were all surprised when Barney joined the wedding party :)

Ammo, wow I know how much you despise the thought of married life, so that means a lot...

Thanks Astrogirl, I'm definitely going to recycle that dress many times. Like at the next Thanksgiving ;)

Kim, thanks for the compliment. The wedding chapel was very basic, so I can only imagine what the other ones look like!