March 19, 2012

March 14 - 11, 2012 (Treatment day 8, 9, 10 and Surgery)

Day 9
One dose of Ganirelix
37 IU Menopur

Day 10
One dose of Ganirelix
75 IU of Menopur
Lupron trigger

On day 9 (March 14, 2012) I take 1 dose of Ganirelix and 37 IU of Menopur.  That night, the nurse that calls me tells me to discontinue any other drug.  Unfortunately, she was mistaken, and when I express my confusion to another nurse, she says that I should have taken Ganirelix on the morning in day 10.  I make up for it in the evening, taking a full dose of Ganirelix, 75 IU of Menopur and the trigger injection of Lupron.

The reason why they keep on changing my Menopur, as I understand it, is that while I have tons of follicles, some of them are still quite small and the doctors want to give them a chance to grow, while being careful of how high my estrogen has gotten.  As a doctor later explained to me, I responded quite well and so it was a balance of putting on the brake and pedal at the same time.

The night before surgery, I take my antibiotic.  I get a phone call from my doctor saying that my hormone levels are unusual, which sometimes indicates that there may be no egg growth, but she's not worried for me.

Long story short, I get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday for surgery...  only to be told that the surgeon found just one eggs, and many unmatured follicles.  So she stopped the procedure altogether.  Completely crushed, I go home, suppressing my tears until we're on the road home.

How can this be?

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