October 13, 2013

First Day in Istanbul (Again)

This is my second time living in Istanbul for work, working on regional affairs.  I was here exactly a year ago for 2 months, and will be living here again for 4 months.

View from my Hotel Room
I arrived in this big Turkish city on October 1, 2013.  The first leg from DC to London was 7.5 hours. The second leg to Istanbul was 3.5 hours. For some reason, the shorter of the two felt intolerably long. An older man sitting next to me was reading was seemed like the Q'ran on his phone - a beautiful, flourished arabic script, trailing his finger along the words for the entirety of the trip. In contrast, I was watching "Monster University" :/

Upon arrival, the sky was very overcast, adding a sense of moroseness to the cement buildings in the outskirts of the city. Driving through the city center though, I saw an ancient aquaduct, and dozens of minarets of mosques overlooking the red roofs of some of the more elegant and older buildings. The view from my suite is beautiful, I can catch some of the Bosphorus sea, and the cramped city center, Sultanamet...

I checked my bb upon arrival of course. I already had a packed schedule, traveling to Gazientep for a few days. A rather inauspicious start for someone who likes her down time as much as I do.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Monster University great though?? I preferred it to the original :)