September 26, 2014

Tortugero - Between Canals and the Sea

Tortugero is a small village, renowned for its beaches where 3 different kinds of turtle lay their eggs from the May to August period.  At this time, some of the baby turtles have hatched and are moving between the sea and their nests daily.

Tortugero is fairly isolated, so to get there, we took a bus from our last place to the Port of Moin in Limon for 1.5 hours.  Then we hopped on a small boat and rode along the canals of the National Park for 4 hours to the village.  Here are some of the scenes we saw along the way...

We got stuck in a shallow bed of the canals.  This cow made us feel a bit silly sitting in 6 inches of water.

 A rather large crocodile

 A small and less aggressive caimen

Our lil' boat
Our hotel room contained a much nicer type of crocodile

In a mix of capital and lower case letters, this nicely penned sign says "Free information about tours.  My name is Caster Hunter Thomas this name is onto the Lonely Planet I ofer canoe tour tortle walk in the trail going to Moin Cawita E.X"

The road to the National Park.  There are no cars in this town.  This is the only paved road there, and it's less than 1 mile long

A vinegar solution of carrots, cucumbers and a hot, sweet pepper from Panama.  Great for spooning over rice!

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