September 20, 2015

Shopreate and Other Wonders of Bamako

Dear Family,

Hope all is well. We decided to take our Sunday to do our monthly update on our blogs, Facebook, and with our families. So here's our monthly update! 

We have been doing well. Dorothee has adjusted a little better now, and is getting more sleep. Her work has calmed down a bunch, though she is expecting about 30 volunteers in June. Adeel has taken to Mali like fish takes to water. He is enjoying it thoroughly. His work is going well, and he keeps himself busy socializing with Malians and expats, and working out. He is learning French, and Bambara. All the neighborhood Malians know us well and always greet us, and go out of their way to teach Adeel Bambara.

It is hot here right now! We are at the peak of the hot season. Even mosquitoes don't survive the heat and are few in number. Most noteworthy consequence of the heat is that the chicken eggs that Adeel eats daily have shrunken in size. We keep ourselves cool by hiding under the AC, or taking a dip in the pool.

A couple of weeks ago we ran out of gas for cooking in our kitchen. Dorothee was wondering if this was a common issue with the gas company... until she realized there are no gas companies and our kitchen is supplied with little gas tanks by the side of the house! We had just run out of gas, and couldn't cook for a couple of days until we got them refilled.

Adeel has been growing his hair out. It is currently the longest it has ever been in his life. He is striving to tie it into a "man-bun". That is his greatest ambition at this time. It is at an awkward phase right now where it cannot be tied, and is just all over the place unless copious amounts of gel is used.
Dorothee's ambition has been to grow edible plants. She recently purchased some at a community event sponsored by the US embassy. She has basil, citronella, green onions, and spinach, and hopes to acquire more. The gardener has planted them and tends to them well.

We have been to many Malian concerts recently, usually at the French Institute. We're generally enjoying life, but missing you all very much,

Please send us some news!

Adeel and Dorothee

Hmmm, papayas...

Carrying stuff seems to be the lot of many women here.  The little kid on the back peeks from behind his mother to see what's happening ahead

 Amazing Malian music concerts at the French Institute

 Taxis give themselves inspirational names.  This one chose the dubious name of Adof (sic) Hitler

Shopreate is an amazing food store where we can find many of our familiar foods,  It's just opened a second floor and we're able to find even more products...

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