July 12, 2004

Chill Out Day


Decided that we were sick and tired of running around all day and wanted a "Chill Out Day". That wasn't too hard considering that we managed to score our own suite with bathroom (definitely a luxury for those of us use to grimmy youth hostels) in a beautiful place kept by old surfer dudes, exactly 23 seconds from the beach. Our queries at the front desk were answered by a lot of "No worries mate". I took lots of pictures of the beautiful sunset on the beach which turned out to look a lot like those cheesy inspiration posters that people pin up in their cubicles. Sigh...

That night, I froze my ass off. I wore two T-shirts, my jacket, my scarf and a pair of socks. I was too cheap to pay an extra $3 AUS for a Doonie (blankets for us Yankees).


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