July 07, 2004

The Majestic Capricorn Caves


Today we went for a guided visit of the Capricorn Caves. It was spectacular to see how the water had carved gigantic rooms out the rock. There were tree roots that had managed to grow through the limestone to reach to rich, fertilizing Guano (bat poop) floor of the caves. The caves were discovered by the Olsen family who came from Sweden to Australia. We were given candlelight and walked in near total darkness to recreate the way the first Olsens had to map the area. It was more than a little spooky and claustrophic and I admire their sense of real adventure.

We were very excited to see a whole herd of Kangaroos in the wild including several females carrying Joeys in their pouches. I intrepidly approached one of them (those large legs look like they could kick you pretty hard)and was able to pet them. The mother's fur was incredibly soft. Note to environmentalists: please do not read the following. Having tasted the nice meat of Kangaroo earlier in the trip and felt the soft pelt, I am suprised that they are not more extensively bred for good burgers and warm blankets. They make me think of giant rabbit: cute and adorable yet yummy to eat and nice to wear as a coat. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be suprised to find that they were related.

That night we had a 400g slab of meat on a grill. Yum! I'm starting to feel very Australian.




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