July 22, 2004

I Take that Back-Australians are Not Wusses


We arrive at Port Macquarie and I have to finally admit that it's f*#$ing cold outside. I take that back, Australians are not wusses. They have a perfectly good reason to wear thick coats. With that admission, I permit myself to spend money to get a sweater. Which is retarded considering I have tons of sweaters at home in DC and I will be moving to Senegal after this trip...where sweaters are not really necessary.

We visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. I was expecting to see cute, little, fuzzy koalas. Nooooo... It is there that I find out that "Sanctuary" means "Hospital". Instead of little, fuzzy koalas, I see old, grumpy, burned, hairless koalas. This is a place where koalas are rescued from car accidents, fire fires, chlamydial infections and other such tragedies to be treated by professional volunteer grannies. Despite their often disfiguring ailments, they still manage to be cute and cuddly. Aaawww mom can we have a koala?

We decide to drive as close to Sydney as possible and arrive in a rather non-descript town. The "city center" consists of one ice cream store, an Indian restaurant, a Mexican restaurant and a sunglasses store. Pretty cool. We decide to eat at the Mex restaurant, which is an agonizing decision since we have soooo much choice. After dinner, with nothing to do, we drive ten miles for a snickers bar. Which we find in the only gas station of the town. It's all about the little pleasures in life...



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