July 22, 2004

Scorching Sun...in Winter


We woke up early in Coff's Harbour (after having made a strong pact NEVER to wake up early again) to watch whales. We were on a catamaran which was nice because it couldn't fit that many people. We still had the obligatory obnoxious passenger that shouted "OMIGOD I see its tail, I see its tail"; pointing to an obvious, rather large, sea creature "IT'S A WHALE!!!"; extending her arm excitedly screaming "did you see it? IT'S THERE, IT'S THERE!" (regardless of the fact that the whole boat had spotted it a full minute before she had). Yes, she did talk mostly in capitals and with exclamation points and no, she was not a child, she was very much an adult.

The thing to do to spot them is to scan the surface of the water and spot the gust of water shooting straight from the still ripples. Then you start to see the navy blue backs of these ginormous animals. Quite impressive. Trouble is that, while you are drifting in the sea, on this wonderful catamaran, being served fruits, cookies and hot tea, you don't realize that the sun is actually quite fierce...in Winter...in an overcast day.

Later that day, we walked through the rainforest again. We chose to do the skywalk, which in essence, is a part of the rainforest that is built up into a bridge (wheelchair accessible) and covered with a nice posters of various birds one may find there and a plastic roof should it start drizzling. I swear it was the rainforest though, even if it looked like Disneyland. I heard an odd bird that sounded just like an infant crying and another one that mimicked playing children. I hadn't known these were birds, I would have started looking for a lost baby in the woods. Really eerie and spooky.

That night, I decided to purchase an aftersun soothing lotion from the nice chemist at the corner who sympathetically winced at the state of my burnt-to-a-crisp skin.


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