July 07, 2004

Ungella Park around Mackay-The Bad Mood Incident


Today we decided to wake up at 6:00AM so we could catch a glimpse of Platapus (Platapi?). We saw *one*. Ammo proceeded to set up his camera, 10 lenses and tripod to get a semi-decent picture of the creature. I proceeded to walk around mumbling and grumbling under my breath. I hate early risers and that includes cute, fuzzy Platapus. I have decided never to wake up at 6:00AM every again.

Later that night we drove up to our hostel. Sensing my bad mood, Ammo let me sleep on the double while he used the single bed. As I settled content into my cozy bed, I yelped in horror when I felt something wet and cold soak through my PJs. I am not kidding folks: the mattress was soaked with urine. It was DISGUSTING. I ended up sleeping the whole night on the floor. Ah the perils of traveling...


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Anonymous said...

She slept on the floor although I insisted *5* times that I could sleep on the floor while she took the top bunk. I think she's afraid of heights.