July 12, 2004

The Way Real Auzzies Live


Today, we met my old roommate Sharlene from Japan in the Sunshine Coast. She very graciously invited us to stay at her grandmother's house. Her grandma struck me as the "Real Australian". Although 87 and moving around with a walker, this tough lady drinks strong beer like a fish, follows Football and various other sports religiously (you should see her rejoice loudly when her team wins) and doesn't cook. If I become that cool at her age, I should be so lucky!

Sharlene, Ammo, Patrick (some odd Irish bloke that we picked up along the way) and Tom Cruise look-alike did a bit of bar hopping. Sharles and I were quickly back to our Japan party routine: namely, Sharlene choosing the best looking guy of the club, kissing him all night and me trying to look cool despite my rather prudish and nun-like attitude. Between the drunken inappropriate comments of the various boys around us (largely by Ammo) and the snogs of Sharles and Tom Cruise look-alike, we managed to pack in some good hours of dancing. Of course, Tom Cruise look-alike turned out to be French. It's at times like these that I'm proud to be French :)

The last bar that we hit was full of trendy teens that drank cool drinks, wore cool clothes, and said cool things in cool accents. Picture the "O.C" with a beach background and a younger crowd. It's a wonder anyone there amounts to anything: I would laze around at the beach all day, stare at the surfers and make a living waxing surf boards.


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